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Sweet and Sound Multilingual Afro Fusion World Music at its best!

This beautiful new album by multicultural Lisbon based band Corsons, is a true mix of West-African genres with clear influences from various -African diaspora- music styles like Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Beat and Pop as well as Brazilian, Latin-American and South-African, spiced up with Danish.

No less than 6 different languages are represented through the songs in the album ending up with Danish by guitarist/singer/composer/arranger/producer Madshoff who is the main vocalist alongside his Senegalese wife Amina Tigana. Lyrics, mainly in English, Portuguese and Mandinga, talk about environmental and social crisis and about traveling.

Strong instrumental contributions by Portugal, Denmark and Switzerland based musicians like Gambian Dawda Jobarteh on West-African harp kora and talking drum, American Gregory Boyd on steel drums, Swiss Drasta on Ngoni (another West-African harp), Danish trombonist Claus Nymark, Portuguese saxophonist Jorge Reis and Portuguese keyboardist and co-producer Alexandre Manaia. Corsons Band members of different nationalities: percussionist Gueladjo Sané from Guinea Bissau, bass player Renato Chantre from Cape Verde and drummer Aluisio Neves from Brazil makes the solid base for this fantastic musical journey in time and space.


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