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Corsons Bio

Corsons is the outcome from another multi-cultural band that parted by the end of 2008. We had the chance to record 10 basic tracks in the beginning of 2009 in Switzerland and from then until now we have been producing, slowly but steadily, on the album and on the promotion video clip Ice Is Melting Down. Corsons has been quiet when it comes to concerts since 2010 but is now ready to break the silence by launching the new album and hitting the stages soon.

Concerts will be announced on the Corsons Calendar so stay tuned.

Band members are:

  • Madshoff: guitars and vocals (Denmark)
  • Amina Tigana: vocals (Senegal)
  • Renato Chantre: bass (Cape Verde)
  • Gueladjo Sané: djembé and congas (Guinea Bissau)
  • Diogo Carvalho: drums (Portugal)

Guest musicians on the album:

Gregory Boyd (USA): steel drums; Dawda Jobarteh (Gambia): kora and talking drum; Alexandre Manaia (Portugal): keyboards; Drasta (Switzerland): ngoni; Kadidia Traoré (Burkina Faso), Celeste Cambaza (Mozambique), Pedro Mulder Capelas (Portugal), Danilo Silva (Cape Verde), Philip K, Simone G. Skovgaard and Mikala H. Skovgaard (Denmark): backing vocals; Regina Moura (Brasil): percussion; Jon Luz (Cape Verde): cavaquinho; Christophe Erard (Switzerland): xalam; Djily Ngom (Senegal): sabar; Jorge Reis (Portugal): Alto- and soprano- saxophone and Claus Nymark (Denmark): trombone.

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