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Born 26.05.1962, Copenhagen, Denmark

Madshoff started playing rock and funk as a teenager handling the electric bass and vocals performing with schoolmates. In 1979 he joined Møn Rock on the promotion tour for their debut album. 06

Early 80’ies he met the older Togolese guitarist Alfred M. K. Pattey and soon got involved with one of the very first African ‘Hi-Life’ acts in Copenhagen namely Delips Apo & The Kutarshi Light. 
In the mid 80’ies Madshoff changed his main instrument to electric guitar and continued the new African line with his mentor Alfred Pattey’s band Kokodabi, Afro Calabash and Fætter Sørensen touring Denmark, Sweden and Hungary.

After he came back from a long round trip to West Africa he performed with Zebra, Doun Doum Bâ and Dr. Livingstone & The Presumers. 
1990 he got admitted to the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and explored jazz, Brazilian music, theory and ear training. He made study travels to Budapest in Hungary, Cape Town in Ghana and Conakry in Guinea.

Soon after graduating in 1995 he got involved conducting and managing the group Muzi DanZim Band with the Zimbabwean singer Muzi Mangena touring Denmark extensively. They did a large number of workshops on South African Mbaqanga music and Mbube choir. He also taught guitar and combos during this period. He continued gigging with Gil Félix & Axé Brasil, Okyerema Kwamena Pra & Agoro Band, Djeliband, touring Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

In the late 90’ies he entered a new musical line exploring the solo artist role as a self-accompanied singer with a repertoire of Bossa Novas and Evergreens. He travelled to Salvador in the North East of Brazil to study classical and Brazilian guitar, voice, percussion and Portuguese. When he returned to Denmark he continued this acoustic line performing mainly in small constellations. 
Before moving to Lisbon in 2003 he also joined Dawda Jobarteh’s Wakilo on electric bass.

After playing solo in small venues in Lisbon Madshoff met up with the virtuous Guinean kora-player Braima Galissá with whom he formed the group Korasons. They performed on a large number of stages and they recorded a maxi-single called Demo 2007. Madshoff returned to playing electric guitars again after about 10 years with nylon string guitars. He also recorded and performed for Zambian Maureen Lupo Lilanda on the album Soul Masala, for Brazilian Fernando Terra on the album Notícias and for his own acoustic group Migratory Birds on the demo 3 Temas and lastly with his new group Corsons on which a beautiful 10 song album ‘Corsons’ has just been released online on iTunes and CD Baby etc.

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