Madshoff & Migratory Birds

The Migratory Birds is Madshoff’s acoustic and Brasilian music based project.

The repertoire is largely based on Madshoff’s own compositions and lyrics, supplemented in collaboration with two songwriters, American Gregory Boyd and Brazilian Pedro Moura, as well as interpretations of the abundant Brazilian treasury of song and a few English-language classics. Delicate horn arrangements also clearly identifies these travelling musical birds.

The members of the band are: Madshoff (Spanish guitar and vocal), Jorge Reis (saxophones), Claus Nymark (trombone), Regina Moura (percussion) Aluisio Neves (drums) and Renato Chantre (bass).

This concept is ideal for audiences that enjoy a fusion of musical genres and influences.

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Musician and bandleader

Phone: +351969926353

Lisbon, Portugal

Rua Sarmento de Beires